What is Romance?

What do you consider to be romance? Is it love stories with a lot of sex? Or is it something else? I believe romance is the act of falling in love. Romance makes the heart beat faster, it fills you with lovely emotions of joy, beauty, and colors. It makes the world a brighter place.

How do you pick the right person to fall in love with? Is it the way they look? Their smile, a laugh or the joy they bring you?

How do you show a person you love them? Is saying “I love you” enough? Or is there something more? Harley knows. Come Ride With Harley and find out.

Harley’s Redemption novel available in e-book and paperback. Also in Kindle Unlimited.

Harley & Me novel available in e-book and paperback. Also in Kindle Unlimited.

Short stories:

Outlaw Ride.

Ghost Rider.

The Dance.

Sweet Agony.