What Makes You Fall In Love?

 Is it the way a person looks? Do you like the dangerous rebel or the sweet and innocent? What draws you to a person?

Harley was drawn to Mari’s innocence. Her quiet demeanor soothed his need to wander. Mari was pulled toward the confident rebel. He took away her fears.

Is it a scent that brings people together? Harley smelled of Irish Spring, a popular soap in the ‘70’s. Mari wore a hint of Jontue Perfume. He liked roses and she liked the smell of lemons.

What about music? Did music draw you to your love? Harley loved the original Steppenwolf and, John Kay and Steppenwolf, and The Grateful Dead. Mari loved Bob Seger, Gordon Lightfoot, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Or is it a common love for a hobby that brings people together? Harley loved the open road and riding his motorcycle. Mari liked to travel. Both enjoyed visiting historical places as well as natural landmarks and parks.

What attracted you to the love of your life?

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