How Did You Know You Were In Love? (c) 2016

How did you know you were in love and this person was your true love? Was it a chance meeting in a public place, introduction by family or friends, or some other way? I love hearing how couples met. It causes a rush of emotions that often lead to joy, adventure, and sometimes heartache.

Did you click right away? Or did you hate each other, or were you somewhere in between? For me, I didn’t realize he was interested in me until he barged into my inner circle of friends. What a shock it was to learn that this gorgeous, dare devil of a man was interested in me.

Even more surprising was his confession that he had been attracted to me since he first noticed me at orientation. For him it was love at first sight; for me it took awhile longer.

He pulled every trick in the book of romance to make me fall in love. I was naïve and oblivious to his attentions and thought of him as just a friend, even though a simple kiss sent my heart pounding and a hug brought about warmth I didn’t know what to do with.

I soon learned that not only was I falling in love, but he felt like he was literally my other half. We were soul mates.



(c) 2016 All rights reserved.

What is Love? (c) 2016

IMG_8862-2What is love is a question that has been handed down through the ages. Is it the fluttering butterfly feelings you get in the pit of your stomach when you think of them? Is it the smile that graces his face when he sees you? is it the warm feeling of safety and security you get from being with that one special person?

Is true love the knowledge that you will always be together regardless of what happens? That no one can separate you, not even death?

Can you ever really lose a true love? Or does love survive past the boundaries of our physical lives?

(c) 2016 All rights reserved.